This is also a test post

This is also a test post
4.3 23


let’s test this rating thing


Camperbot weighing in here.


lol will give it only 2 … just to see if it works


Interesting. 5 from me.


My friend’s cousin tried this rating thing out and it did not work for him. I have never really tried it, but I am going to give it a 1 star review because I like to aggravate people.

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5 stars and 20 characters


10 outttttaaaaaaaaaa 10


Oh look! Stars! :star: :star:


:dizzy: just for test no rate

  1. Add a star
  2. Uncheck [Add a rating]
  3. Post
  4. Topic is rated anyway
  5. Edit (still no ckeck on [Add a rating])
  6. Save (topic is no longer rated)


Nice addition to the Forums! Very nice work all…


Testing testing 1, 2, 3, 4


:star: + :star: + :star: + :star: + :star: = :gem: :slight_smile:


Can you rate multiple times?


20 characters or more…


So you can spam yourself to a higher rating :slight_smile:


A perfect 5 outta 7.


Ratings are a great feature.

However not every post/thread should include them. There are situation where ratings don’t make sense. Like when you make a statement about a real life fact for example.

Just thought it’s important to point this out. But i guess it might not matter, since this is comparable to someone reporting a post where a user merely says hello and introduces themself.


This is also star test :star: :star2: :star_of_david:


Excellent test post, probably one of the best test posts I’ve seen but might be too advanced for some since it’s the second in the series. If you need a refresher on test posts I recommend test review post by Quincy Larson.