Time management solutions

Time management solutions


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This might sound odd. But I agree with you. I work for nearly the same time, but I spend nearly 4 hours daily commuting back and forth. That is huge time killer. I then also have to spend time with my family and get some sleep to slog the next day :slight_smile:

Question: How do keep your self updated with all these things and find time to study/ develop your self ?


What exactly is it that you want to accomplish? Have more time to spend with your family, become less stressful of the current time restraints you have during your days, get more productive?

I’m asking because you’re sending mixed signals and don’t seem very clear about your goal. If that’s the case, then you shouldn’t be looking just for a time-management tool but also reorganize your priorities and goals, so that you’ll actually have a direction to go towards.

As for the tool, you can pick up any of those journals, you can also the outlook calendar or Trello app, or use index cards. There are loads of ways to log things you wanna be doing.