Time to Complete Cirriculum

Time to Complete Cirriculum


Each certification is listed as 300 hours. Is that worst case or typical? I realize there’s no hard answer to that,
but someone estimated 300 hours so I’m curious how that was arrived at. If I decide to go this route, I’d need to budget time accordingly.
I found this post from 2 years ago. It had no replies or comments. Does it seem accurate?
It takes about 2,080 hours to complete Free Code Camp.

Free Code Camp is fully online, and there will always be other people at your skill level that you can pair program with, so you can learn at your own pace. Here are some example coding schedules:

Time budgeted Hours per week Weeks to complete
Weekends 10 hours/week 208 weeks (48 months)
Nights and Weekends 20 hours/week 104 weeks (24 months)
Full time 40 hours/week 52 weeks (12 months)
Traditional Bootcamp Pacing 80 hours/week 26 weeks (6 months)

Thank you.


The 300 is a very rough estimate of the average time. The post you found is very out of date. The curriculum is much larger now than it was 2 years ago, so it would take considerably longer to go through all of FCC.


assuming you have no programming knowledge yeah it may take 300 hours or more since you will likely use other resources to well understand the topics.
but hey i have completed the first certificate in less than a day, that’s because i already had knowledge about Html and CSS and i used them a lot before.
so tl;dr : it may take 2080 hours but it’s no necessary it can be less or more depending on you.


It will take however long it takes. Frodo and Sam didn’t sit and debate how many steps it would take to get to Mordor and compare their estimates with others’, etc. They knew they had to get there, just started walking, and the rest was academic. Just start learning. After you get going you might get a better idea how long it takes you.


i totally agree, i wish someone gave me such tips when i started it would save me a lot of time.
i also want to add a very important tip “don’t rush and take your time” it’s not a race, if you feel you didn’t understand something try using external resources such as youtube to help.
i wish you a good luck.


And that’s definitely really important advice. It takes a lot less time to learn it once well than it does to learn it half-assed three times and have to spend clearing up the mess your lack of understanding created.


But I should also add that you shouldn’t freak out if you don’t understand everything perfectly. There is a lot of information and you can’t really learn it all with complete breadth and depth.


This probably not related to your question but getting a certification will not make you a developer or job ready. If you are serious about coding, just start, don’t rush and take your time, don’t waste time worrying how long this is going to take you.


About 2000 hours seems a good ballpark figure. It took me a year and a half, working about 25-30 hours a week. If you’ve done a Master’s degree, I’d say the amount of work required is roughly the same.


Thanks to all for taking the time to reply. These answers give me a good idea what to expect.


I don’t know, this was A LOT easier than my masters.


Haha! @kevinSmith, Love your Frodo and Sam analogy!


I just went and looked at the time it takes to complete all of the 6 current certifications that are offered are “roughly” (just a ballpark estimate) of 1800 hours. See below:

btw - @kevinSmith Did you get your master’s in IT? Or something related? Because I was curious about what benchmark to compare the free code camp’s curriculum to.


Nah, my MA was in music.