Tools for Teachers

Tools for Teachers

Hello I’m really interested in using freeCodeCamp with my students, but I don’t see any tools for teachers. Am I missing it or do you have additional tools for teachers?

I’d love to have an option to set classes so that I can assign specific assignments and also view and monitor their progress. I have students at different levels and pacing, so it would help me know areas of weakness, so that I can help each as needed.


There are efforts to make special tools for teachers, but they aren’t in production yet.

From the FAQ:

I’m a teacher. Is freeCodeCamp an appropriate resource for my class?

Yes. Many high school, college, and adult ed programs incorporate freeCodeCamp into their coursework. We’re open source, so no license or special permission from us is necessary. We’re even building special tools for teachers.


I appreciate the reply and was hoping that you might at least have a couple of features for teachers.


It looks like development of the teacher tools has stalled.

What kind of functionality would you find useful?