Touchstart event for wikiview project

Touchstart event for wikiview project


Hello, i’m trying to get the touchstart event to work on mobile for my wikiview project? Does anyone have experience with this?

$outputButton.on('click touchstart', function (e) {
  //request to MediaWiki
  let url = wikiLink + searchTerm.value;
  //fetch data from MediaWiki
    .then(resp => resp.json())
    .then(function (data) {
      let html='';
      let activeLink = '';
      //map over items and build out content (item) {
        html += `<section class='output-card'>
                  <a href='${activeLink}${item.title}' target='_blank'>
        output.innerHTML = html;

Is what i’ve tried so far? Any suggestions?



I can’t seem to get any events to fire on mobile, but everything works just fine on desktop? I have to be missing something simple. I tried to change the cursor to pointer on the body as mentioned in a SO post.

Here is the link to my project:

If anyone has any suggestions or has experienced this before, id appreciate the help. Thanks!