Tribute Page 2018 - project feedback, add yours too

Tribute Page 2018 - project feedback, add yours too


Hi, anyone that wants to post a recent tribute page for project feedback can add it here.

I completed all the non-project parts of the FCC front-end certification path.
So its time to start the challenges. I would appreciate your feedback on my
tribute page here


Nice photo album effect, where did you get that idea?

Here’s mine, more of a “baseball card” style tribute.

let me know what you think


Cool! I think that’s the first interactive tribute page I’ve seen. Sometimes the text changes a bit too fast (or too slow). Maybe make the transition time relative to the word count.


@Kazooka503, The idea came from how power-point slides work and just know how jQuery fade-in/fade-out work. I like your “baseball card” styled approach and nice colors. BTW, you need to validate your email address with codepen so that we can view it in full screen - that is the message I am getting.

@publicalias. Thanks for viewing my page. Good Advice on the word count, I stagger in the sentences for 3 seconds and delay for 3 seconds for total 6 seconds of viewing, but I like your idea of counting words and it definitely could be done with a bit of javascript. BTW there is a pause/play button and hovering over the info icon pauses the presentation.


Thanks for the valuable feedback, I added timing based on the lettercount of what is being displayed.