Tribute Page Block Quote

Tribute Page Block Quote


I am struggling with my Tribute Page’sblockl quote. I can’t get it to format. Here is what I have been trying:

            "Hope will never be silent."</p>
            <footer><cite> Harvey Milk  </footer></cite>

Here is the link to my pencode:
Thanks for your help.


What do you mean by format? Where would you want to place it?


It doesn’t display as a block quote – it just looks like regular text.



Try this <blockquote class="blockquote"><p class="mb-0">"Hope will never be silent."</p>
<footer class="blockquote-footer"> Harvey Milk <cite title="Source Title"></cite></footer>

Hope that helps!


Yes it does. Thanks so much!


You’ve also forgotten to close your <ul> tag, so the blockquote is being treated as part of the list.