Tribute Page - Boyz II Men

Tribute Page - Boyz II Men


First post, let me know what you think… Especially on the blockquote…

Tribute Page - Boyz II Men

thank yous~


I like it, it is very colorful but I think you should add opacity to background image so that your text can pop up. Well done.


Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:


You need to try and make your site responsive, so it is viewable on a mobile device or tablet without having to scroll left and right. You can simulate this by shrinking the width of your browser window from right to left to see what how it behaves. Since you are not using a CSS library such as Bootstrap, you could use media queries to make it look different on various viewports.


Your page is not responsive. Try to make it responsive.


This was needed information. Thank you for your feedback.

Though I am having some difficulty with the percentages when using media queries. I have gotten the gist of it, but still trying to figure how to fix my page.

Do you have any additional feedback?