Tribute page: Che Guevara

Tribute page: Che Guevara

Hello, Any feedback would be appreciated
Tribute page: Che Guevara

Greetings, LonelyDaoist:

May you be well today.

On testing for html validation, you’re getting some messages for missing alt information for photos, and some sort of warning on the location of script tags.

According to the CSS validator, You have a comma too many in the CSS.

The page doesn’t like mobile; the pictures hide behind the main text when mobile view sizes are viewed.

My suggestion would be to check the validators on codepen and view the pages on multiple sizes. I use an add-on to the Chrome browser to check for mobile sizes, and that seems to help.

The photos are interesting, and the text animation is also.

I hope this helps.

Dwayne Brock

Thank you @dwaynebrock for your feedback, may I know the name of the add-on?

Greetings again.

It is called the mobile browser emulator.



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If you are using firefox, you can just hit Ctrl + Shift + M to switch to mobile view. You can even choose from a list of devices from the top menu, change orientation etc. This has been pretty useful to check pages for various screen sizes like mobile, tablet, etc.