Tribute page-feedback needed

Tribute page-feedback needed


hello Everyone!
i just completed my tribute page project
you can viewed it lived here:
any feedback or advice appreciated


Well done! I have memory of playing tekken 2 and Paul when it came out about 20 years ago.

I would just increase the font-size of your texts and try to make them more readable by giving them line-height attributes.

Also give spaces between your a href paul phoenix.

learn more about paul phoenix visitpaul phoenixfor more information

Good luck!


Hello again hooria. Not bad. Would be better if it was a Rojer Jr. Page :grin:
Background color fits the subject but the text is a little hard to read. Maybe find a more contrasting color for the text?


Yep, I would agree with ozmos. The background is cool, but way too much (very difficult to read text). Also, the longer paragraphs should be wrapped in some kind of container with a max-width set, they are very long on larger screens.


hello! thanks all of you

@shimphillip i missed type it
@4trio19 and @ozmos i don’t no which color is more contrasting?


please help me to find the color


@4trio19 and @ozmos see it again i think that is readable now


@shimphillip i correct that mistake check again


Yeah, that’s heaps better. White suits the fire theme better aswell


Yea the text looks better. I’d still suggest containing the width of those paragraphs. On my big screen they are very long lines of text. Maybe make it the same or similar width of the image?


Hello, nice page. Your second image is scaling unproportionaly,
you may consider change this :slight_smile:


ok thank’s for advice:blush::blush:


i corrected that mistakes too now check


There is no reason to keep this part of the text on the side for small screens, I think. The image as well.