Tribute Page Feedback. Please comment

Tribute Page Feedback. Please comment

Hey guys!! :wave:

I’ve just completed the very first Project from the Responsive Web Design Certification and I am thrilled to (read) what you guys have to say about it!!!
Please feel free to leave your comments on it and/or suggestions.

I chose Lana del Rey as the theme for this tribute page because I LOVE the artwork of her albums, and I also love her music of course.

The inspiration for the colors came from a 1960’s color palette I found on Pinterest (always so helpfull) and as you can see I wanted to give the page this 60’s inspired typography and design in general.

Here’s the link to my tribute page:

Thanks in advance!!! :blush: :blush:

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hi @rifo
you’ve done great job :+1:t2:

only one thing that doesnt fit in my mobile

Portrait Preview

everything else works fit in the center.

Thanks so much!!!
I’ve had trouble making that image stay in place. Looks fine on my PC but on centain mobiles it doesn´t stick to the center.
I will keep working on it.

Good job!

Just a couple of observations:

  1. The link to wikipedia turns white when hovering over it. Is this color intentional? Because it looks like the link disappears when I try to click it.

  2. Would you consider giving the page a little whitespace at the sides? Most websites today leave the sides free, and seeing a page that takes up the whole screen is a little jarring.

These are just nitpicks, overall, it looks great.

Thanks about the wikipedia link! I´ve already corrected it.
And I hadn’t thought about the white space, could work well.

Your page looks good @rifo. Some things to revisit;

  • Kudo’s on knowing how to use codepen. Using the ‘Stuff for <head>’ box, etc.
    • You don’t need to include the body tags either.
    • This, <lang="en"> is not valid. lang would be an attribute of the html tag, so it should be <html lang="en">
  • Review the lesson about giving meaningful text to links.
  • Make your page responsive
    • There is always a horizontal scrollbar when I view it from desktop size down to mobile.

Thank you very much for your observations.
I have corrected the tag and the wikipedia link. I think it is accesible now.
I don’t quite get what you said about the horizontal scrollbar, it would be helpful if you’d attach a screen capture of that.
I am a windows and android user, I haven’t tested the page on an Apple device or Mac.

This is what I see on both Mac and Windoze. Notice the horizontal scrollbar on the bottom.

I see, I get it.
I will work towards fixing that, thanks a lot @Roma