Tribute_Page Feedback Please

Tribute_Page Feedback Please


Hello code world I just finished a rough draft version of my tribute page. I’m not completely in love with it but I guess you gotta start somewhere. Please let me know what you think.


Looks like a good start to me. I would say you should probably add a title to the project. IMO the color scheme seems weird; when you first get on the page seems almost black and white, and then when you scroll down there’s a full color picture.

Just a thought but it might look better if it either had more color or you made the picture grayscale.

Keep up the good work,



Esta ótimo para começo de estudos. Parabéns! Continue assim.


The headings are all sized properly in relation to the body text the images are responsive, the footer is helpful for users looking for additional information.

As for what to improve, I’d look into choosing a font that’s more interesting than the font you’re using (which appears to be a default font), and look into coloring the background and the text, and bolding certain portions of text as well.

Great start.


Why did you include bombings in school shootings? Those aren’t usually talked about and not many people even know about the bath massacre.


Thank you for your feedback I was thinking the same thing


Thank you I’ll take that into consideration


I just threw them in it from an article I was reading in which all these came from