Tribute page - feedback required

Tribute page - feedback required


Hi guys, just finished the tribute page. Would like to get feedback. This tribute page is not beta. Thanks all.


I’d be happy to, but I need the link to the codepen.


Forgot to link before, here is my tribute page. check it out and give your feedback. thanks all.


Sorry it took me a while, I expected a notification that didn’t turn up.

The code and design itself looks fine, but I wish you put more time in it to create your own personal style. Functionally though, you met all the requirements, so I don’t see any other problem to mention.


Thanks so much for your feedback. I will definitely try to create it in my own personal style.


Looks good. I agree with Drew-1, however I also like the fact the the page is very clean. When I was working on my tribute page, I found it difficult to a) choose a person; b) style my page creatively but still in line with the content. Therefore I understand if the page looks somewhat regular. I have the same problem.