Tribute page - feedback welcome!

Tribute page - feedback welcome!


I’ve been tweaking and tweaking this challenge a little everyday since I officially submitted it as complete.

This is my first web page ever - though simple, I was really able to get more of a feel for the different topics we covered in the first round of FCC challenges.

My current list of things I’d change if I started from scratch with the knowledge I have now:

  • I’d organize with the concepts from MDN. In one of my later iterations, I did add in some of these pieces, but I think it would have been much easier if I’d started there.
  • I’d do all of the styles in the CSS stylesheet (it seems like this is the best way to keep up with all your styling).

I’d love to know more about:

  • The interplay between/best way to specify bootstrap grid items vs. divs (I know FCC covers a way to do it; I’m just looking for a more holistic way to look at it)


Nice tribute page :thumbsup:

In <div class="col-md-12" id="top-level-well">,
you can remove the class (col-md-12 occupies the whole width anyway), and move the inline style to the CSS section.

You can replace

<div class="col-md-12 text-center">
  <h4> ... </h4>

with just

<h4 class="text-center"> ... </h4>

<h*> tags are block elements by default, so they occupy the full-width.

You’d want to avoid using <h6> for the video caption. Use <p> instead, then change the font size with CSS.

Here’s a related topic


First off - a huuuuge thank you, @kevcomedia!

One thing I’ve really learned over a few years of hacking things together (for non-web dev stuff) is that it doesn’t always result in the most efficient code. I really appreciate the tips (and I immediately bookmarked that Medium post!).

I went through and made the adjustments you suggested - the only one I have a question about is the <h6> note. Is there something weird that happens when you use headings instead of paragraph elements, or is it just a best practice?



It’s for semantics. Tags <h1> to <h6> are meant to be used as headings (that’s what the h stands for).

This explains it better.


Thanks, again! I will definitely be taking this stuff forward into future projects.


Love the topic of your Tribute page! What an interesting subject matter. Nicely laid out too!


Very well done! Looks great on mobile.


Thank you, @codezara and @jscogg :heart: