Tribute page for Carl Sagan feedback

Tribute page for Carl Sagan feedback


Hi everyone. I’ve just made my very first project at freeCodeCamp. It’s my first time to write using HTML/CSS though I used to code using C++/Visual Basic.

Here’s the link to the full preview page:

Basically, I didn’t follow the suggested format. I have to follow my own gut.

I would love to hear your inputs/suggestions. Thanks!


First of all, what a great choice for a tribute page, Sagan was an incredible man. Your content is formatted beautifully, the text might be a bit small. Personally, I think it might look better to have the text wrap under the photo, or to have the photo on the right; The text past the photo feels sort of incomplete with all of the space on the left. I really love the style of this page though and the personality you’ve managed to inject into it!


Good job on the page. I like the photo and offset text.
There’s a couple of things I would add.

    <div class="container-fluid">
      <div class="container"> 
       <!--here you open and close a row right away which I don't see the need for but there could be one. The spacing makes it look like the container closes but I think that /div would close the row.--> 
       <div class="row">
      <!--I've learned here that inline styling is bad grammar. You cold make a class in your CSS and throw it in there-->
      <div class="container" style="margin: 30px 0px 0px 0px">

for you image:

<!--you should include an alternate for your image, alt="carl sagan pic", in case the image fails. Also, I think leaving the protocol http and https is best for compatibility issues but I'm not certain.-->
<img class="img-fluid" src="">

I can’t see any other improvements to your code outside of some style, but that would just be preference.
I think you did a great job with your grid system and it looks good man.
I wish my fkn Portfolio would go as well as this lol.
gd job man.


Thank you for the valuable feedbacks! Really appreciated.

One of my biggest problem is that I always get lost in the

formatting especially when there’s too much nesting going on.

Can you give me tips on managing these mess? Thanks!


What I used to do when I first started an FCC was right everything down but not the way I would write it in code.
I would write shorthand and indent everything and only right the ideas or the topics of what I would have in that part of the code.
This way I had all of my code and everything indented but it didn’t look super complicated for me. And, this is embarrassing, but I used to use a ruler to line everything up that way I could see how far out each opening and closing tag of the same element was. But I don’t do that anymore cuz I’m a supercoder now. LOL LOL