Tribute Page for Critique

Tribute Page for Critique


Hi Friends,

I created my tribute page with my 15 year old son in mind because he loves Star Wars. I learned a lot about coding, and I also learned a lot about Star Wars!

I was inspired also by fellow camper Mina, who completed her page on Walt Disney.

I have two issues that I know of in my tribute page. I’m struggling with Bootstrap buttons. I don’t understand how to get the “Learn more…” button to align center. Also, I think I’m having problems with the responsiveness on the Star Wars logo. On small phone devices, its scales really small. How do I code it so this is prevented?

Thanks for your feedback.

Star Wars Tribute Page


Hi :slight_smile: add center-block to the button class.


Hi, you could also make the div .col-sm-12 and remove the offset. The button will align itself. Because now the button is too big to fit the .col-sm-2.


Or you can simply remove the col-sm-offset-5 col-sm-2 classes from the button’s parent. :slight_smile:


@Robin by the way it super awesome that you are doing this for your son! Let us know if any of the feedback helped! There are several great answers here!


For the image, you could add “min-width: 200px;” to your logo class.


Thanks guys!!

As Ben suggested, changing to the col-sm-12 did the trick!