Tribute Page for David Bowie: Feedback Please

Tribute Page for David Bowie: Feedback Please


Hi everyone,
This is my first project for FreeCodeCamp, the Tribute Page.
I would welcome any comments and advice.
Many Thanks in advance

David Bowie: Tribute Page



Really nice! Cool design!

You just forgot the “back to Top” functionality.

Congrats on the project.


Virtually no CSS at all: nicely done :dark_sunglasses:


Thanks for the reply.
Appreciate it.


Thanks for the reply.
I was tempted a few times with CSS, but stuck with the html and tried to work with Bootstrap 4.
Now for the next project, Portfolio.
Thanks again.


Thanks for the feedback. I have now added a “Back To Top” arrow.


I am working on first one too. I’ve not seen some tags before. Where did you learn except freecodecamp?


I research and learn from over resources as well. In this project I have use Bootstrap 4, which is HTML, CSS and Javascript framework for developoing reponsive mobile-first websites. Also I use W3 Schools, which is a great resource with tutorials.
Here are the links:
Bootstrap 4
and linked to google fonts Material Design for icons, here is the link:
Material Design Google Fonts

Good Luck with your projects and thanks for checking out mine.