Tribute page for Grace Hopper - would appreciate some feedback!

Tribute page for Grace Hopper - would appreciate some feedback!


Hi, after quite some time away from freecodecamp while I waited for the new curriculum, I’ve just finished redoing my tribute page using some of the new stuff I learned:

I’d appreciate some feedback on what worked well and what didn’t! Tried a lot of new things here, and I’m sure some of them are still rough around the edges.

Things I learned:

  • CSS variables are :fire::fire::fire:! It’s incredibly useful to get some of these features that were previously the domain of preprocessors inside CSS itself. I think I’ll be using them in pretty much everything I build from now on.
  • flexbox will replace floats for me for just about everything. Was curious about CSS Grid, but didn’t seem necessary for my purposes here
  • Jumping to an anchor in the same page when you have a fixed navbar is a surprisingly difficult problem! By default, the anchor would be covered by the navbar. All the CSS-only solutions I found either messed up my spacing, or worked only if I had an <a /> anchor with visible content in it, not to just any old id. So I had to resort to jQuery, which I’d have preferred to avoid.


you did great for what the website was to supposed to be for this was done amazing. GREAT JOB!


This is really lovely!


I really liked your tribute page : Simple and beautiful . Great job ! :slight_smile:


Well done! …:wink::ok_hand:


Well done, you go further than what was expected.
Its responsive, i like the smooth scrolling and some animations you added here !
You should analyse your css and html with a tool like Css Validator and html Validator it would help you improve your code.
Well done :clap::clap: