Tribute page for Jose Rizal

Tribute page for Jose Rizal


Here is my first activity on FCC -

I used only HTML and CSS because I am only a beginner. Any feedbacks in the code and UI would be greatly appreciated!


Great job for a first project. But the page is not properly responsive on smaller screen widths, also try to do away with the scroll bar by combing through the time-line content and reducing the information. Try to make the tribute page as concise as possible with only the essential information.


Hope this helps you.


Thanks for the feedback sir.


Looks good! Maybe consider using the same font that you used for your header for the subheadings within the timeline section. I’d also think about using a different font for the main text - but perhaps that is just personal preference :slight_smile:

Nice styling on the box!


I’m not really good at designing things. I’ll try to improve myself. Thank you!


Don’t be so hard on yourself - creating a pleasing design for a site is definitely a tricky thing to do. At least, I find it tricky!