Tribute page is complete... Feedback appreciated

Tribute page is complete... Feedback appreciated


Title says it all…
Tribute page is complete… Looking for feedback…


Hi. Nice use of columns there! However I noticed that you used all column classes and gave them all a 6 (class="col-xs-6 col-sm-6 col-md-6 col lg-6"). This sort of defeats the purpose of specifying column widths for different screen sizes.

This is what it looks like in small screens:

You can just go with class="col-md-6" for both trivia and timeline columns, "col-md-4" for sources, and "col-md-8" for the column with the large text. It will give you nicely stacked sections that take the full width of a small screen.


Awesome point thank you… I keep debating if I want to keep the side by side wells or have them stack on mobile…
I kept class=“col-xs-* col-md-*” for now… Until I can make up my mind…


Nice page, only thing that I would suggest, make your links when hover same font-weight, because when you hover on links it changes weight and moves other text. Change color instead.


Good point… Fixed…
Thank you!