Tribute Page - Jose Raul Capablanca

Tribute Page - Jose Raul Capablanca

Hi everyone. :smiley:
It’s my first project for FreeCodeCamp.
I would be happy :wink: to read some feedback from the community.
Thank you in advance.

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Looks great! Congrats.

Only note is that you don’t need any of the <style> in the HTML. You have it all in the CSS :slight_smile:

Thanks pjonp for your feedback. I deleted <style> from HTML. :smile:

Nice! Since you’re setting a max width of the body, I would make sure it’s centered in the browser.

Thanks, i am not sure what is the best max-width for a such project. I checked in Chrome and Opera and it looks fine.

I like it! The design is clean, elegant and responsive.:clap::clap:
As a suggestion to further improve accessibility you can consider including the alt attribute to the image.:wink:

Thanks MartaFagundez! :smiley: I add alt atribute. :wink:

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