Tribute page. Looking for feedback

Tribute page. Looking for feedback


Hi everyone. Four years after graduating and not doing anything with my degree I finally decided to focus my efforts and hopefully find a job in the web industry. I hope that by posting here I will be able to keep myself accountable and achieve this goal eventually.

Anyway, enough for the introduction. Here’s my tribute page

Even though it’s a simple page I will appreciate all constructive criticism.



looks good - there’s some middle range window widths where the stuff doesn’t look all that great, the pic gets too small and the text hugs the right side of the white container - I changed the media query to <940px and it seemed to look better at those mid screen sizes


Thanks for the feedback. I changed a few things and hopefully it looks more presentable at those middle range widths.


Looks good! Can I suggest that you add some padding of 1% - 3% to the top, left and right of the container?


Thanks velvetpants. Small change but the difference is quite noticable.


Good job!

You can also apply line-height property to your p element. From 1 to 2. It’s like giving double space for better readability.


Thanks. That definitely makes a big difference.