Tribute Page - Muhammad Ali

Tribute Page - Muhammad Ali



Completed the first project - Tribute page

Please let me know what you think

Tribute Page


10/10 it looks so good!


Looks great! Real quick turn around too! Nice layout.


Thanks for the comments.

Just saw a screenshot of it on an iphone and its not so good, but that’s probably because I didn’t add in any media queries or hide anything on smaller screens


awesome! looks great!


It’s very important to design for mobile first. You can always just tweak it as you learn more about media queries! Here is a great resource for that:


This looks excellent! I am also working on a tribute page to Ali, and your page looks way better than what I have so far!


What a perfect subject. Great job!


Great layout. Great choice for the quotes too. Really inspired me to really work hard and push to become a software engineer.


First, I love how passionate the page is. It really comes across as someone who feels strongly about the content and I love how seriously you seemed to have taken the project.

Also I’m viewing this from an LG G4 android and will say that it looks pretty solid. Only the videos seem to be cut off on the right side, but otherwise, it looks great. I learned something new, because I didn’t know how to embed videos before. :slight_smile:

Good work!


I definitely agree! You can tell how serious and passionate the creator is. I guess it’s because of all the content and the way the site feels. Great job @madetotry


Great work! Keep it up


Awesome! I can tell you have a knack for front end development. Your source code is well tabbed and well documented as well!


Loved your site. I like the fact that you documented your sources. I didn’t do that.


Thank you all for the comments.

@interglobalmedia I should have fixed the responsive issues now.

@wesmarsh I thought it was important to cite the source for the content as it wasn’t mine, only the coding was.

@Riadan414 Thanks. I couldn’t get the videos to resize was driving me mad, so in the end I just ended up hiding them on smaller screen sizes

@the0bob I have been coding for a while and keeping the code well organised is one of the most important things I have learnt


That was awesome i loved the tribute page


Great Job! You did an excellent layout which it made it easy to read.