Tribute Page - Scott Ian

Tribute Page - Scott Ian


I started working through the beta.freecodecamp site, so this is my second go round with this project. All feedback is welcome.

I was trying to follow KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid). My first time doing it, I used Bootsrap. This time around I decided to write my own CSS:


Great job on the tribute page. The overall look fits the subject very well. The little music note icons are a nice touch as well.

I went over your css rules, and noticed you have one that almost selects everything in your website. If you have a rule like that, it is better to have a not selector that does the opposite so as to make the rule clearer and free up the CSS.


Thank you for the feedback.

I went through and cleaned up my CSS a little bit. I got rid of most of extra reset stuff that wasn’t being used.


It is so cool! the color mixup impressed me! and the decision of background gave the whole site a nice touch! Anyways, Im also looking for feedback(Were both beginners). HEres my tPage…


Looks much better. Way to go! :+1:


Love the style. However, I prefer not to see “here” links.

See this lesson:


Whoops. Yeah…I know better than that. Thank you for pointing that out. I have changed the wording.


It looks nice to me :slight_smile: Keep it up and do learn bootstrap and try to follow modern UI practices. If possible avoid darker backgrounds.


Metal, Metal!

Ha…good to see another Heavy Metal fan around here. Nice job. Mine was on Tesla the inventor, but that all came from liking Tesla, the band.


I am definitely going to keep up with Bootstrap. It’s part of my day job now.


I’m afraid i cant stay with bootstrap alone when considering responsiveness… because if i do, the competition i am preparing for will be a waste… the committee on that Front end developer students competition doesnt allow participants to use internet… and bbootstrap needs internet to function right? unless installed


Ill probably use bootstrap when i will have my job! because its easy and im pretty sure that time, i will not be prohibited to use net! LOL