Tribute Page - Steve Jobs. Feedback needed

Tribute Page - Steve Jobs. Feedback needed


Hello FCC community,
I created my first FCC project, Tribute page to the legendary Steve Jobs.
Would love to hear your feed back on this.


Hello, your tribute website looks great. As a personal opinion, it would reduce the size of the header and also that of the final link, because when it appears so large it gives the impression of being more important than the rest of the web. Good work, keep it up.


Well done! Very clean design.



Thank you. I have made the final link a h5 element so it should appear smaller now. For the header I have used Bootstraps jumbotron class and the title is display-4 class. Not sure how to reduce it. I used bootstrap just for fun purpose and I don’t have much experience working with bootstrap.


When working with bootstrap you can modify most of its components by modifying the bootstrap class in your custom css file. In the case of jumbotron I see that the only way is giving it a min-height although it is not very correct so I would leave it as you have it now. Greetings and happy coding! :grinning:


Hey Jinu,

Nice work. I would agree with @rubdev though, the header could do with a downward resize.
I think changing the ‘jumbotron’ class would give you more options.

Look forward to seeing your next projects…


Great work. keep it up…