Tribute Page, Walter Kauzmann

Tribute Page, Walter Kauzmann



I’d like any feedback you might have on my tribute page to Walter Kauzmann, who was my graduate research advisor in the '70s.

-Peter Shenkin.


The page is ok. I would only add in css a media query to change the height of the image that is too high for mobiles.

Something like:

@media (max-width: 576px){
  #image {
    max-height: 400px;


Hi, Thanks for the suggestion.

The image, as well as the rest of the page, displays perfectly on my mobile (using Chrome on a G6), though for an unknown reason I get a popup telling me to use Chrome, which I am doing.

Actually, this only works well with the mobile in Portrait orientation. I see the problem in Landscape. I’ll try what you suggest, and will post back with conclusions/changes.