Tribute to Roger Federer - Greatest tennis of all times

Tribute to Roger Federer - Greatest tennis of all times


Hi all, below is my project link. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


hey, I cannot see the image of Roger Federer when I clicked on your pen.


It should be there. Can you take a screenshot and show me? Also, what browser are you using?


Here is the screenshot. Using Chrome, used firefox too, no image was displayed.


You’re right. I hosted the image on imgur. It doesn’t show when I run the pen in incognito. Will take a look and update the pen. Thanks for reporting the bug :slight_smile:


Hi nutanBhakuni,

Can you please check again to see if it works now?


Yes, it works. I can see the image now.:grinning: By the way, rest of the page looks great.


Thank you!

I didn’t spend much time on styling and made it look similar to the original page. I did not look directly at the source code but I used “Inspect” on Chrome o look at certain arrangements (I think this is a regular technique for any web dev).

I will spend more time on styling in the Portfolio project.

Thanks again for your feedback! :smile: