Trouble with prioritizing styles

Trouble with prioritizing styles


Hello coders. I wrote what seems to be clean code for the cat-app challenge. Still getting an error for the h1 element and pink-text. Can someone hint as to what im doing wrong?


try removing h1 {color: pink;} and leave rest as it is.


Nope didnt work. It alerted another error when I did that.


You closed off your <h1> tag too soon–it doesn’t have the class associated with it.

Here’s something that might help.

Also, there’s no need for you to have both class="pink-text" AND h1 {color: pink;} in this example, because they both do literally the same thing here. It’s not necessarily wrong…just unnecessary.


oh lol !
u haven’t put your css selector right in your html
it needs to be like this:
<.h1 class=“pink-text”>Text<./h1>
and don’t place that dot before h1…


You are AWESOME. Many thanks.