Try my Simon Game, Please!

Try my Simon Game, Please!


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Feedback Welcome!


It’s mostly great. I noticed a few bugs, though. For one, ES6 isn’t as well supported in Safari as it is in other browsers, so your code won’t work unless you use the Babel preprocessor in CodePen’s JS settings. Switching over to Chrome, almost everything worked well, except the sound would sometimes cut out when the computer played, and never played when I clicked the colors. These are pretty common problems, and I had them myself.


Thanks and I didn’t know about safari, now I have to add Babel in my projects I think, and this project was very buggy maybe should spend more time on bugs before publishing it, and thought that the sounds work well, but now I’ll test it after cleaning cache. Thanks again for you time, and I’ll amend the project this week.


I liked it. And it had I great speed reaction. And also I played it with Safari and I hadn’t any problem


It was pretty neat!

I also experienced the “cut-off” sound. Maybe you should look into triggering a “timer” when a user clicks the right button, as right now I have to keep my mouse pressed down to play the sound.


Thanks to both for the feedback, yes I am doing some fixes.


Nice, great job getting so far. Looks good to me…!


Took me back!!!
Just the cut off sound issue in Chrome.
Nice one :slight_smile: