Trying to complete hacktoberfest

Trying to complete hacktoberfest


Help? I’m trying to post on the Gitter contributors chat, but it keeps signing me out, and not letting me in some rooms. in particular, I know that the Contributors room responds with a 401() unauthorized code. Anyone else had that issue? I used their GitHub oath to sign-in because I didn’t see a sign-up button.

Either way, my question: I have one pull request so far, and i want to translate some of the Freecodecamp guide to Hebrew for some of the other ones, but there doesn’t seem to be a translation going on for that. Meaning, Chinese and Spanish are works in progress; Hebrew is not. how do I start that? Or, can I? Thanks. Happy Hacktober!


I tried Contributors today, and it worked. Dunno what was wrong.


Since they are only focusing on certain languages now, you can always open an issue (not a PR) on Github and document that you believe a Hebrew translation is warranted. This will at least create the issue which will get your idea on the radar. Once they are ready to move forward with such a translation, they will respond back to that issue and let you know when to start.

Actually, I just noticed you already create an issue, so never mind.