Trying to modify my header (portfolio)

Trying to modify my header (portfolio)


My portfolio page.
So, to the top left we see my name and to the right, three tabs and my title.
I want to get my title underneath my name and I can’t seem to figure it out.
My mind feels like a hurricane ( no pun intended). I need a break and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here you don’t need to create new div. Just use br and span tags. Let’s try.
You have this code:


And try this


So if I get you right that’s what you wanna get (without changing any CSS)

Then review your CSS and go on.

One more thing. You have two classes logo and sub-logo. For logo you define CSS style foat:left; but sub-logo is relative positioned. And sub-logo class float him by left side.
Check links below to reread about floats.

Here is links for you:
CSS: float
CSS: position
HTML: span tag
HTML: br

Best rigards.
P.s. funny photo with a child