Upgrading Linux

Upgrading Linux


I’m trying to upgrade Linux but can’t get an answer to my question:

…about upgrading.
Has anyone got any ideas whether it will wipe the drive clean?
If not you can always try bumping up the question on reddit to see if it gets an answer (pretty please) :pray:


I’ve never used popOs, so I can’t say for sure, but if it’s using the same package manager as Ubuntu, you should try using that to upgrade rather than a bootable USB. If you select “clean install” it will indeed erase everything. Here’s what I would suggest:

  • Backup your data. Do not proceed unless you can stand to lose everything on your computer.
  • Open up a terminal window and run sudo do-release-upgrade. This will upgrade your system without wiping your hard drive. It could take a while, but I wouldn’t recommend letting it run while you’re sleeping as you may need to give it some input. You could also check the package manager GUI (I’m not sure what it’s called anymore) as there should be some dialog instructing you to upgrade.
  • To prevent future issues, I’d advise you to put your /home directory on a separate drive. This will keep all of your personal files physically separate from the system files, meaning you can install from a clean slate without losing what’s dear to you. It’s also possible to create another partition on your system drive for this, but I feel that’s less flexible and more error prone.