Use export to Reuse a Code Block

Use export to Reuse a Code Block


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Please help, Im not understanding why this is not a valid export.

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"use strict";
const foo = "bar";
const boo = "far";
export { foo }

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It is valid, but that isn’t what it’s asking you to do:

Below are two variables that I want to make available for other files to use. Utilizing the first way I demonstrated export, export the two variables.


I guess I’m hitting a brick wall then.
I’m not understanding what to do.


Take another look at the hint in the instruction.

export { capitalizeString } //How to export functions.
export const foo = "bar"; //How to export variables.


I’ve tried

export const foo = “bar”;

and it doesnt work


That’s the right code. So try closing your browser and if that doesn’t work, the delete cookies. Sometimes the database gets corrupted.


“use strict”;
const foo = “bar”;
const boo = “far”;

export const foo = “bar”;

Cleared cache and cookies, still isnt working.


I think I see the issue now. You are declaring the variable and then exporting. Just do it on one line.

So not

const foo = "bar"
export const foo = "bar"


export const foo = "bar"

If you open up devtools, you’ll see the error in the console.

On chrome, right click over the instructions panel, select inspect, then choose the console tab.


Thank you so much. It was racking my brain.
Second time I tried just running
export const foo = “bar”
Nothing would happen.
I had deleted “use strict”;


Your welcome. Remember to use the console as your first step in troubleshooting. It has saved me countless hours once I discovered it. You can also write console.log statements to it to see what you’re code is doing.


Deleting “use strict” is not the answer.

I finally figured it out.

Final hint: don’t add any new lines of code. Only modify existing lines.


"use strict";
export const foo = "bar";
export const boo = "far";

I hope FCC collects data on lessons submission attempts so they can see a spike and fix lessons like this one that have unclear instructions and/or overly strict rules.


Good job on solving this. It would be easier and better for you to just submit an issue about the unclear instructions. Do you know how to do that?


Do you mean


Yes, exactly! It’s how FCC has developed and grown.


Just as a note, const can’t be redeclared. You can’t have const foo = then a few lines later const foo =, which is what you were doing. That’s why you need to just export const foo =, otherwise JS will correctly notice you’ve made and error, and will refuse to work.


Thanks, you’re a life saver. Been on this for a while now wondering why it’s not working.


Exactly getting “Duplicate declaration error in the console”



“use strict”;
export const foo = “bar”;
export const bar = “foo”;


I did the same thing,but couldn’t pass out.

“use strict”;
export const foo = “bar”;
export const bar= “foo”;
this was my code snippet…
Can’t find the reason,can you help please;


I was running into the same issue. What seemed to fix it for me was I added a space between “bar” and “=”.

From this:
“use strict”;
export const foo = “bar”;
export const bar= “foo”;

To This:
“use strict”;
export const foo = “bar”;
export const bar = “foo”;