Using CodeSandbox with the FCC test suite?

Using CodeSandbox with the FCC test suite?


Has anyone tested using the CodeSandbox editor with the FCC project testing suite? I’ve setup Babel as a dependency and inserted the script tag <script src=""></script> but I’m not seeing the test menu pop up like it does in codepen. Am I doing something wrong?

Here’s my codesandbox link:


Not seeing what the problem is. bundle.js its working also on codesandbox as on codepen.


I see it working on that link too.

Make sure you are not on a network that may block cdn.

What browser are you using? have you tried clearing cache and restarting?


My apologies, I got it to work. The problem is that I was using the link from the instructions rather than the link from the forkable codepen. Once I switched to the one they were using on the codepen, it started working immediately.