Using the Front End projects in a portfolio?

Using the Front End projects in a portfolio?



I was wondering how well regarded would these projects be in a portfolio? I’m particularly talking about the later ones like Simon Game, calculator, tic tac toe. And of course, assuming a polished version of them with a nice design, no(t many) bugs. How complex are they compared to the skills of the typical Jr. Front End Dev?


If you polish the code and the design, they are nice projects to showcase since they require choice of design both on aesthetics and code, which shows how a developer decided to do the program and what kind of workarounds he came up with!


Are they the best, most amazing projects? No. But they’re certainly better than an empty portfolio. Like loepieri says, clean up the code, add some comments, etc. At least that will show that you know the basics. It’s better than “I can code, honest, just take my word for it.”


If it’s all you have at the moment then display them. Going forwards look to replace the weakest first. You can keep these projects in github and link your guthub profile in your portfolio.