Visual Studio Code Live Server Not Working

Visual Studio Code Live Server Not Working

I am facing issue that i am not able to run my html via live server extension of vs code.

My server is running showing in the status bar but it does not open chrome to see the work I wrote.

Expected Behaviour: It should run live server and open it on chrome.

Can anyone help me in this

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I don’t know why this does that, but what you can try:

  • Restart VSCode and try it agian, if this doesn’t work,
  • Go to the Open the Command Pallete by pressing F1, then type in Preferences: Open Settings (JSON), then at the very end on the file, copy paste this: "liveServer.settings.CustomBrowser": "chrome", so it would look like this:

How do you start your server?

For me, it stopped working when I hit “live server”.

What works for me is right-clicking the html file and then click on Live Server. That opens up Chrome for me.

Other than that, follow what @Catalactics says.

I do the same thing. I right click on html file and click on start with live server but server status shows port 5500 but chrome does not open. I have reinstall the visual studio

PFA for reference

Have you tried to uninstall the plugin as well, and re-install back on again?

You can either press the Go Live button, or Right click the HTML file then press Open with Live Server

Yes i did but it is not working

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I used to open my files in that same way you are telling. But is is not working. I think i have to contact Microsoft support team

Remove chrome, visual studio altogether… restart the computer. Install chrome again, and then VS again.

Tried but not working

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Hello there,

Someone else with this issue, recently, had the issue, because they were running an outdated version of Windows.

Are you on Windows 7? Or, have you just not updated in a while?


I am using windows 8.1 recently latest updates installed.

Well, I recommend you do one of the following:

  1. Update to Windows 10 (if you can)
  2. Use live-server instead:

I have used live-server for years, and it has never failed.

Hope this helps

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I faced the same problem today when I copied code from code pen , make sure that your HTML code contains head and body tag