Voting App in VueJS: Learned a lot. Please do give me feedback!

Voting App in VueJS: Learned a lot. Please do give me feedback!


I learned a ton doing this project. Spent a lot of time doing an official MongoDB course while this was going on. Also spent time working through a Vue.js book to learn Vue.js

It was created using Node, MongoDB (no Mongoose but will learn for next project), Express, and Vue.js of course.

Some other things learned and used were:
Passport.js to handle authentication.
Passwords are hashed with bcrypt and stored in the database.
Chart.js for the poll results and display.
Concepts and tools from Google Materials Design helped a lot with colors and theming.
Bundled with webpack
Hosted in Heroku (this was fun to figure out)
And finally written using vim on a linux vm.

Please enjoy and any feedback is greatly appreciated!
You can use user: joe and password: abc to log in or jam:abc.


Ah, great job indeed! I’m working on it too but there are so many things to do! Everything works fine, user stories fulfilled… if you still have some time I think you could work on responsiveness ( and get rid of some console.log lost in the code :stuck_out_tongue: ): the area occupied by the content is about the 40% of the screen in the devTools mobile view.

Besides that I think it’s a great app, congratulations! I would like to see the code but at the moment I am in conflict of interest, so nvm xD


Thanks for reminding me about those console messages. :tada: I cleaned a lot more up but still have to go back in. I will look at making it responsive, it definitely could look better on mobile. Thanks for that.

I have the code on github but don’t want to tempt you to look at it. If you really do though let me know and I’ll send or post the link. :grinning: