VPN - What's currently the best provider?

VPN - What's currently the best provider?

Hi Guys,

I am looking to get a VPN so I can visit sites that don’t allow me to from the UK.

I am looking for a decent priced VPN however, I tried one and it worked for a couple of days but then it started to get slow so I discontinued my subscription with them.

I apologize if links like this are not allowed, feel free to remove it if that’s the case!

  1. TunnelBear
  2. Hotspot Shielf
  3. HideME
  4. NordVPN
  5. PureVPN

Out of the above providers, which one would you advise?

Look forward to your replies and I am new to this forum so HEY!

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i prefer nordvpn because of its price and security, it is also available on linux, windows and android.

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I would recommend Windscribe

I’ve been using Mullvad for a few months and I like it so far.

You can see some of them summed up here: https://gadgetgang.com/5-best-free-vpns-for-mac-os/

Set on own server an openvpn more cheap!

Proton VPN is great. They have free and paid versions. No data limit for the free version and its speeds are acceptable. They also have a free secure mail service if you’re interested

Will check out Tunnelbear, and haha funny you say that bestdesign I literally created a vultr account and made my own OpenVPN today before checking up on this forum, how spooky :stuck_out_tongue:

Also try to use VPNs and other proxy services if you experience any issues with streaming video services or entering certain websites, here are some tips - https://legaltorrents.com/rarbg/

I have recently started using ProXPN. It’s quite unknown and plain from the first sight of the eye, but I really enjoy its unblocking features. Not saying it’s the best anyway. Full review is here.