Vscode - product landing page

Vscode - product landing page


Hi all.
It will be great to get some feedback for this project
And remember to give it a try :smiley:

Happy coding.


Good job! I would

change mouse cursor when it hovers on buttons.
Make your products bigger, give some more paddings.



Thanks a lot for respond :slight_smile: I’ve made changes You have suggested. It looks much better now.


Looks nice! Next thing you could work on is making the page responsive (especially the video) so it scales down on lower resolutions.


Thanks, @Kyu, I’ve just made those changes witch responsive iframe. Works better now :smiley:


Well done
I think changing the font underneath the download button to something like Verdana would make it pop even more. :sunglasses:


@Ksingletary thanks for suggestion. Verdena font is added, I’ve also added shadow to extensions when hover with cursor :slight_smile:


Great Stuff!!!Keep it up


I like the design. One improvement could be making the mobile nav menu close when you click one of the links


As You wish @Lucasl :smiley: Just added this improvement, should be fine now.


First off, really good job. Here are a couple of thoughts.

  • I would change the text for “Best Code Editor” to “My Favorite Code Editor”. It can be argued that others are better, like WebStorm, which is my favorite and think it’s better than VSC.

I hope this helps you.


Great work Artur. The responsive design seems to work work well. Just one thing for you to consider… and this is just my opinion, but I think it would look more modern with a sans-serif font for the body. Looks great to me otherwise. Nice job!


Thanks for tip. It looks better with sans-serif :smiley:


Thanks for suggestion. I’ve change the text to ‘Best FREE Code Editor’ :smiley:

Happy coding