Wanted study partner (Javascript)

Wanted study partner (Javascript)


I have been studying these last months all the challenge in freecodecamp and saw many videos of tutorials and now I am studying javascript course but I always see the need to googling my concerns and to be honest, a support in this process would be wonderful, I would like the person or people who are interested to commit to be a support. Where there is understanding, respect and leadership …

I promise to always help and if I do not know something, I will commit myself to look for it until I know the answer :slight_smile:


Hey Veroca! That sounds like a great idea! There’s nothing like a buddy to get your motivation up! What’re you working on at the moment?


This sounds like a good idea! Maybe a discord server or something to bounce ideas around.

I’m currently struggling with not knowing what I don’t know. That is, I am learning cool things about React, redux, JS, and the like but find myself thinking about things I’d like to make and still not knowing how!


Hey!! it amazing almost lost my hope!! …I’m sorry, I took a break, I’m going to start in an hour, maybe … do you have slack or what way do you used mostly? we can do a study group


We can work together, well im new but maybe i can help you… do you have slak or maybe any idea for our study group


I would be happy to collaborate via Slack with anyone and everyone!