Wanted to share an application I created

Wanted to share an application I created


so, I needed to build an application to put on my free code camp portfolio prject so it wouldnt be blank. I decided to build a buy, sell, and trade website for my local city. This way I would have an awesome project to put on my portfolio project for freeCodeCamp. Check it out, what do you guys think ? http://dothantrader.azurewebsites.net/


Looks good so far. Need to host this on a secure site (especially for the register and login) pages.

Also, when I click the Facebook button under Use another service to log in. I get the following dialogue box when facebook comes up.



Nice mate! design is simple thou but code is good!


Hey Michael, I think it looks good and is something that’ll also look good in your portfolio. I like the clean and simple design. I don’t know much about security so I can’t help in that area.

When I click the Facebook login I get this dialogue:


Try again, may be fixed now. Lol


Thanks for the heads up ! I think I fixed it


Works now. What did you change?


I had the wrong call back URL in the actual Facebook app app itself


It’s working now, takes me to facebook sign in.