Warning about Nodemon

Warning about Nodemon


Don’t you hate it when you spend hours trying to get something to work and realize that you had everything right but made some stupid mistake?

I just spent the last couple hours trying to figure out why my server kept restarting… and restarting… and restarting. It turns out I was saving a JSON file to my server from somewhere buried deep in the code… and Nodemon was restarting due to changes every couple seconds…

Just a warning to those using Nodemon so they don’t spend hours trying to figure out something stupid like this :confounded:


I deal with it on a constant basis. You often ask yourself “Why am I spending four hours on this bug when I figured it out on the last project 3 days ago??”


may fave is when i misspell fucntion:wink:

i’ll read that chunk of code for hours/days and never catch the misspelling … :sob:


Me too. At these times I curse my brain’s autocorrect mechanisms.


lol I always misspell it “funciton” :blush:
Fortunately my IDE helps me catch it :wink:


I know my issue is that my hands aren’t as fast as my brain when typing and I misspell all kinds of junk that my brain recognizes as “correct” but I know it’s not right … there’s some kind of psychological term that describes this, but I cannot remember …