We All Are Going to Start A New Habit Today!

We All Are Going to Start A New Habit Today!


Hello Champions :grin:,

This is my first post on the freeCodeCamp forum :tada:. I have not completed any challenges on freeCodeCamp though. I will start working on my web development career after my high school exams. I thought I should at least practice coding every day in my spare time because I am familiar with HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript and I’m good with C++ so when I’ll start my career this habit will help me in my journey.

I was watching a video on YouTube and landed to https://www.dailycodingproblem.com/. Don’t get lost now, Please read this till the end. This free service sends you coding interview questions asked by top tech companies every day. I have heard people saying “Practice is the thing which takes a developer ahead”.

The free service doesn’t include solutions and I know most of us won’t be able to spend $9 per month on this service. So, I decided we will create a forum topic of every problem and we will discuss possible solutions. In this way, we will develop a habit of practising every day and I am 100% sure this will help all of us in improving our skills.

So, subscribe to https://www.dailycodingproblem.com/ and when you receive your first problem, try it yourself first. Then when you feel confident with your solution or if you are stuck, you can start discussing it here: Daily Coding Problem: Problem #1

Share this with your friends. Let us start the habit of solving an interview question every day!
Happy Coding Everyone!

Daily Coding Problem: Problem #1
Daily Coding Problem: Problem #2

This is a very good initiative! I really appreciate this.


@0wafi0 You should share this with your friends and I’ll see you in future discussions. :wink:


Nice work done here it will be really helpful to many poeple.


@Saud Thanks! Please share it with your friends and I’ll see you in future discussions :slight_smile: