We just launched Developer News. Here's how you can use it

We just launched Developer News. Here's how you can use it

I’ve just got a response. Now it’s all good!

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Hi @QuincyLarson ,

Do you plan to implement a clap or like feature where the readers can clap for or like an article?

Same situation with me. Still no access / update given.

Suspence is killing me:

The endless war that I’m losing

It recently came to my attention that I was waging a war across multiple fronts and fatigue had struck — they were winning. For months I had battled, fighting their persistence with my propensity to click x . I refused to fall into their traps, perfectly crafted to nullify my thoughts and…

"and" what???

Great question.

We don’t want to bloat Developer News with social features. Instead, we’re working on calculating the total amount of time people spend reading each article - in hours, days, weeks, and in a few articles’ cases - years.

Use connotes usefulness. If people are spending a lot of time reading an article, that is more useful information than whether someone reading an article happened to be logged in and decided to “clap” for the article.


@QuincyLarson What is the ETA for hearing about my writer application? It’s been about a month, and I haven’t even gotten anything beyond a confirmation email.

Looks like something happened to these snippets: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/what-programming-language-should-i-learn-first-19a33b0a467d/#objection-2-but-javascript-isn-t-statically-typed

Something like this, probably:

exampleArray = [1, 2] -> [1, 2]
exampleArray.length -> 2


exampleArray = “text” -> “text”
exampleArray.length -> 4
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Thanks for letting me know. I’ve updated this.

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Hey just doing my monthly update :sweat_smile: would be really cool to have access and my account associated with my articles.

cc @QuincyLarson @abdolsa @scissorsneedfoodtoo

This article’s code snippets really messed up: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/whats-new-in-javascript-es2019-8af4390d8494/
They should look like: https://medium.com/free-code-camp/whats-new-in-javascript-es2019-8af4390d8494

Hey could you send me an email at [email protected]? I think I tried to reach out to you a couple months ago, but something could have happened. I’m looking forward to getting everything fixed for you.

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Thanks, Steffan. I went through and cleaned up that article’s code blocks and added syntax highlighting.

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I wonder why the code blocks get messed up so often? :thinking:
Well, another one: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/learn-reasonml-by-building-tic-tac-toe-in-react-334203dd513c/ (correct => https://medium.com/free-code-camp/learn-reasonml-by-building-tic-tac-toe-in-react-334203dd513c)
Thanks. :smiley:

It might even work to have a separate thread for ‘code blocks that are messed up’ :slight_smile:

@Steffan153 There are some complex reasons why the code blocks are messed up. I am currently working on a way to at least properly format and code sections which are JavaScript or JSX. The idea is to have the script traverse through a set of articles and correctly format them. At this point, I just want to target articles which would have mostly JavaScript code sections. The script would fix what it can and create a report of any article which had at least one code section which could not be formatted properly. Typical cases I have seen so far which do can not be formatted include code blocks with pseudo-code. For these, we would at least be notified and then manually edit those to make them look better. If this works well for the JavaScript/JSX code sections, then we can expand it to look at articles which have other popular languages.

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This is awesome. I have been looking to start setting up a blog. I can’t wait to delve into the tool set FCC has put together.

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I had written an article on the freecodecamp medium page that was then published to freecodecamp news when freecodecamp decided to move away from medium completely. However, there are edits that I have made to the article since, and I would like to be able to also make these changes to the freecodecamp news article. Is there any way that I can have access to my article? I filled out the developer news form but didn’t specify that I had already written an article that was published.

@QuincyLarson Hi Quincy, I’ve filled out the form twice, the first being a month ago, and again tonight, as well as sent two emails to [email protected] and forwarded them to [email protected]. Please help.

We review applications in batches. I’m due to review these soon (I’ve just been a bit busy with the big updates. We will respond to your application.

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I often blog about my own solutions that were challenging to figure out, mostly to help reinforce my learning and if someone finds them a search, then good for them.

But I feel like they are not very advanced and are often super specific to solving one issue.

Example: this is a bit dated now but back in 2017 would this have been FCC material?

you can apply and see if they accept it, there are a lot of things, from personal success stories to articles on technologies and deep explanations etc

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