We just launched Developer News. Here's how you can use it

We just launched Developer News. Here's how you can use it

Yes, that one.
It should look something like this:

people = [
    first_name: "Gary", 
    job_title: "car enthusiast", 
    salary: "14000" 
    first_name: "Claire", 
    job_title: "developer", 
    salary: "15000"
    first_name: "Clem", 
    job_title: "developer", 
    salary: "12000"
person1 = people[0][:job_title]
person2 = people[1][:job_title]
person3 = people[2][:job_title]
total = 0
if person1 == "developer"
    total += people[0][:salary].to_i
if person2 == "developer"
    total += people[1][:salary].to_i
if person3 == "developer"
    total += people[2][:salary].to_i
puts total

At least that’s how I’d format it.
BTW, there’s also a typo here:

(should be let’s)

Would love to see a mobile app version of this!!

That’s a good idea! Using something like Ionic would be the easiest way.

Article ends after just the first paragraph😢.

@QuincyLarson I filled out the form for first time contributor to Developer News.
Is there any time span in which I can expect someone will get back to me?

Thanks :slight_smile:


@QuincyLarson, just like many people here, I have filled out the form few days ago but received no reply (not even a confirmation), so is there any time span we can tell “yes” or “no”, thanks!

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I Tried applying for writing in the fcc developer news forum but when I tried filling up the form, I saw a field that requests to enter my previous blog or medium url. Unfortunately, I have not been able to write previously, and this is my first time. What is the eligibility criteria for the same? Thank you

> The sad truth is that a YouTube replacement would be very hard.

I hope FCC continues with YouTube! @QuincyLarson :anguished:

I believe I have formatted the article’s code section like you suggested and change the lets to let’s.

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The code block is fixed. :smiley:
It still says ‘lets’ tho:

It may look confusing but lets break it down into pieces.

It isn’t a big deal, just a tiny grammar mistake :wink:

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@Steffan153 I did not see that one, but I actually fixed another lets that should have been let’s. Now, they are both fixed.


Hi everyone.

I am trying to edit my article since they moved away from Medium, but I can’t find a way to do that. I already got a Ghost account, but it seems my article is not linked to my profile.

I already contacted administrators via e-mail many times, but while they had been very quick setting up my Ghost acc, they’ve just gone dark last two months. Is anybody in the same situation?

I understand this is a non-profit and I appreciate the space that was provided to me to publish my article. I’m also aware the whole migration thing must be taking a great effort. Don’t get me wrong, you guys are awesome and I’m grateful. But it would be much better if there was some info on what’s going on.

I’ve just got a response. Now it’s all good!

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Hi @QuincyLarson ,

Do you plan to implement a clap or like feature where the readers can clap for or like an article?

Same situation with me. Still no access / update given.

Suspence is killing me:

The endless war that I’m losing

It recently came to my attention that I was waging a war across multiple fronts and fatigue had struck — they were winning. For months I had battled, fighting their persistence with my propensity to click x . I refused to fall into their traps, perfectly crafted to nullify my thoughts and…

"and" what???

Great question.

We don’t want to bloat Developer News with social features. Instead, we’re working on calculating the total amount of time people spend reading each article - in hours, days, weeks, and in a few articles’ cases - years.

Use connotes usefulness. If people are spending a lot of time reading an article, that is more useful information than whether someone reading an article happened to be logged in and decided to “clap” for the article.


@QuincyLarson What is the ETA for hearing about my writer application? It’s been about a month, and I haven’t even gotten anything beyond a confirmation email.

Looks like something happened to these snippets: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/what-programming-language-should-i-learn-first-19a33b0a467d/#objection-2-but-javascript-isn-t-statically-typed

Something like this, probably:

exampleArray = [1, 2] -> [1, 2]
exampleArray.length -> 2


exampleArray = “text” -> “text”
exampleArray.length -> 4
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Thanks for letting me know. I’ve updated this.

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