We just launched Developer News. Here's how you can use it

We just launched Developer News. Here's how you can use it

Hey just doing my monthly update :sweat_smile: would be really cool to have access and my account associated with my articles.

cc @QuincyLarson @abdolsa @scissorsneedfoodtoo

This article’s code snippets really messed up: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/whats-new-in-javascript-es2019-8af4390d8494/
They should look like: https://medium.com/free-code-camp/whats-new-in-javascript-es2019-8af4390d8494

Hey could you send me an email at [email protected]? I think I tried to reach out to you a couple months ago, but something could have happened. I’m looking forward to getting everything fixed for you.

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Thanks, Steffan. I went through and cleaned up that article’s code blocks and added syntax highlighting.

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I wonder why the code blocks get messed up so often? :thinking:
Well, another one: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/learn-reasonml-by-building-tic-tac-toe-in-react-334203dd513c/ (correct => https://medium.com/free-code-camp/learn-reasonml-by-building-tic-tac-toe-in-react-334203dd513c)
Thanks. :smiley:

It might even work to have a separate thread for ‘code blocks that are messed up’ :slight_smile:

@Steffan153 There are some complex reasons why the code blocks are messed up. I am currently working on a way to at least properly format and code sections which are JavaScript or JSX. The idea is to have the script traverse through a set of articles and correctly format them. At this point, I just want to target articles which would have mostly JavaScript code sections. The script would fix what it can and create a report of any article which had at least one code section which could not be formatted properly. Typical cases I have seen so far which do can not be formatted include code blocks with pseudo-code. For these, we would at least be notified and then manually edit those to make them look better. If this works well for the JavaScript/JSX code sections, then we can expand it to look at articles which have other popular languages.

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This is awesome. I have been looking to start setting up a blog. I can’t wait to delve into the tool set FCC has put together.

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I had written an article on the freecodecamp medium page that was then published to freecodecamp news when freecodecamp decided to move away from medium completely. However, there are edits that I have made to the article since, and I would like to be able to also make these changes to the freecodecamp news article. Is there any way that I can have access to my article? I filled out the developer news form but didn’t specify that I had already written an article that was published.

@QuincyLarson Hi Quincy, I’ve filled out the form twice, the first being a month ago, and again tonight, as well as sent two emails to [email protected] and forwarded them to [email protected]. Please help.