Web designer or Web Developer

Web designer or Web Developer

Adobe Xd or Sketch -> Website prototyping and more.
Adobe Illustrator -> Logo and overall illustrations creations for any websites.
Adobe Photoshop -> Images handling.
Adobe After Effects -> Airbnb Lottie and Bodymovin export animations in JSON object to be added to any website. Bring illustrations made in Adobe AI, or 3d models (ie products) done in Cinama4d and create animated graphics for custom product websites.

Just few examples of technologies ‘not really used’ in web development which are actually used.

Disclaimer: depending if you focus on freelance probably need to handle all of the above to a certain degree according to the website/project…working in a company on the other hand, gives experience just to a small part of the above.

Disclaimer 2: the above working path is not unique and absolute, same things can be reached in different ways (ie. learning Three.js for animations), said that I confirm that ‘those skills’ give a great employability overall in web development area.

I think web design is a general term which included everyone who is involved in website design and development.

I also think web developing is more interesting. i just do it as hobby and for part time as freelancer on and off.

Web developing is back end with a possibility to work also with Front end( design, etc), But if you’re a web designer, you just accomplish particular tasks about design, without influencing on back end development. So, I’d choose web developer over designer.

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Web developer! It’s not so boring :grinning:

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