Web hosting/domain registration

Web hosting/domain registration


i do purchase ssl certs from godaddy for the sites. i paid around 40-50 bucks i think, thats with discounts.


Another option is Google Domains. They have a flat $12/yr for the common TLDs. Some add-ons like privacy are included for no extra cost. I have used them for a couple years and have no complaints.


Do not buy into bundled Domain Registries + Hosting. Falling out with them could be messy and a real pain. Avoid GoDaddy at all costs. They are experts in pulling switch-and-bait and microtransactions.

For domain registry, namesilo has no hidden fees, no bait and switch, no surprise upcharges, and have multiple layers of security for protecting access to your registry account. Dot com domains go start from $8.99 per year.

For webhosting, SiteGround has multiple plans in place such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and enterprise hosting.

Here’s a gist of what they have to offer:

  • use SSD drives on all of their plans
  • web servers run on nginx
  • offer free CDN via Cloudflare for the purpose of web acceleration
  • offer easy configuration of TLS such as Let’s Encrypt via cPanel for free
  • backend runs on PHP7 and HHVM for cloud accounts
  • You can also have WHM access for dedicated account
  • CMS friendly (WordPress, Drupal or Joomla)
  • regular prices go from $9.95 to $29.95 per month depending on Shared hosting plan. Starting prices are from $3.95 to $11.95 per month

Since this is for a landscaping business, you can’t go wrong with them.

But if you want a more robust and customizable hosting service, I highly recommend Rackspace. But cost could be an issue here.


I believe that www.neolo.com is one of the best sites to host your site. They have amazingly good and cheap plans and they provide with various useful features, most of them for free. I work for them as a technical assistant and customer service guy and since I’ve known them I just recommend them whenever I can, I really believe they make posible what in my country we call the three b’s: bueno, bonito y barato (good, pretty and cheap). They have servers in the US and Europe. :wink:


My DNS service provider is GoDaddy and I host my website for free on Github Pages.

So far my website is really stable and both of them offered really good service.

Therefore, I would recommend you doing the same.

All the best!


Don’t fall tatics of the free webhosting providers.They may provide free domain.The problem of free webhosting is "your site could disappear at any timet . If the free hosting provider you choose finds itself in any trouble, they may shut down their services. You’ll likely be warned about this as per their terms and conditions, but that doesn’t mean your site content is safe.it’s far wiser to choose an affordable, premium hosting provider (the most popular type being managed, shared hosting) from the outset, to save yourself plenty of headaches (and probably money) in the long run.



Depending on the requirements of the product, you might think about just buying a domain name and hosting a static site for free on github or surge.sh. I do this for a lot of sites. Cost: ~$12 annually.


Namecheap’s a good registrar along with Uniregistry, as for hosting any VPS will do I’ve found that DigitalOcean has fast VPSes. Good luck with your project :slight_smile:


Uniregistry, Godaddy are good domain registrars, but Uniregistry is cheaper and has a very clean UI. If you have an account, you can register a domain in less than a minute, and you don’t have to click on “I don’t want this feature, I don’t want to pay extra for mail, etc.” buttons :slight_smile:

Hostgator or Bluehost are good hosting companies. Fatcow is also great, but they deducted next year’s payment from my account even after I cancelled my plan.


Hey Nick!
I recommend you https://zeit.co/now
It is very easy to setup and use. You can also register domains


I really like namecheap for domain registration and siteground for hosting (that’s an affiliate link). Siteground is really easy to nagivate and they have great support anytime I’ve needed anything.

I use namecheap for domain registration and love it. But if you only have one domain, I’d recommend just getting it through your hosting company for simplicity’s sake.


Uniregistry also doesn’t censor their customers websites and threaten to suspend domains for speech they dislike. Godaddy has also been engagaged in other shady behavior that should make you wish to avoid them.


I would stay away from any hosting company owned by EIG (Endurance International Group). Most of the popular ones are in there.


Could you elaborate on that? I’ve never heard of that group and wouldn’t know where to start nor how to avoid their companies.


I am interested in switching hosting providers. Does anyone have experience with WebFaction?

I would like to be able to switch providers quickly if I observe that uptimes are poor. I prefer not to be locked in for a year or more.


Basically they’re trying to run a monopoly on web hosting. Every hosting company that is bought by EIG turns to sh*t. I just had to leave an EIG owned hosting company a couple of weeks ago because they raised their prices a ridiculous amount without any notice, and then charged my credit card without my approval.

Just try googling “EIG bad”, “EIG review”, etc. and you will find a lot of information, such as this one:


I also make sure to keep my domains and hosting at separate companies. Now even my email is separate from the regular hosting.


I dont know…it seems all of the complaints it quotes are specifically about HostGator… Ive been with them about 10 years now I do remember it being down for an extended period of time (around an hour or so) about 6 years ago, other than that, it was down twice for for a minute at most. I have monitoring service on my website which immediately notifies me if my site goes down and when it comes back up again, plust HostGator sent an emaiil about the downtime and what the issue was.

I also think support is great…whether submitting a ticket or in live chat, any issues Ive had they take care of immediately. Not to sound all #TeamHostGator or anything lol but I switched to them from a deplorable hosting service I cant even remember the name of now…can only remember it started with an L and ended with hell or something :laughing: and Im beyond satisfied with HGs service

Now I will note…I have a reseller account, and it is entirely possible that my service is different from the standard accounts, so want to mention that just in case.


hth, :slight_smile: Jake

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