Webpage screeenshots

Webpage screeenshots


Hey! Just wondering if there is a way to show the live screenshots of your websites as an image in your portfolio.
For Ex. I want to add my tribute page as my work in my portfloio, I am successful in providing a link to the page but want to display the image of the tribute page in my portfolio itself. so people can see what they are going to visit.
Hope I am clear.


Try alt + print screen then paste into Microsoft Word or similar program.
Then save that Word file. To include images in your codepen you will have to host them in a service like cloudinary.com and include links in your pen.


I was talking about a real time screenshot.
Just wondering if it was possible.


Checkout html2canvas



But I think I will go with the traditional method of uploading screenshots.:sweat_smile:
Its a bit complicated.