Website Hosting Companies-Which should I use?

Website Hosting Companies-Which should I use?


I agree with hosting locally it’s a great way to learn networking while you’re on your journey and yes Linux mint is a really solid distro, I’m currently on 17.3. I highly recommend people to use Linux Mint or any other beginner distro it’s such a great skill to learn, it’s not even that hard plus it looks great if you put that you know Linux on your resume.


While “Most Reliable” is a little subjective, there are actually quite a few different types of web hosting services available these days. Depending on what type you choose will have a big impact on reliability.

Cloud Hosts

While cloud hosting isn’t as easy as something like a PaaS or SaaS CMS, it is the modern way of hosting an application. These are typically viewed as the “most reliable”. Mainly because they are the biggest, and have the most backing. You’ll likely want to use tools like Docker and Kubernetes or services like Nanobox, hyper, Flynn, or Dokku with these.

Amazon AWS
Microsoft Azure

Platform as a service (PaaS) providers are generally built on top of one of the previous cloud providers and provide a nice interface for managing your infrastructure. These are only as reliable as their underlying hosting provider (see above)

Google App Engine

Software as a service (SaaS) CMS’s (content management system) sit right between PaaS and shared hosting. They generally provide a set of tools to not only help you design and build your website, but they’ll host it for you also. These are really good options for people who are looking to start an online store, or create a website, but don’t really know anything about the web.

Shared/Slice Hosts

Shared/slice hosting is going the way of the dinosaur, but is still a good enough option to mention. If for some reason you end up here rather than a PaaS or SaaS CMS a quick google search will actually yield quite a few lists of “best web hosting”, however in many of these lists, the following 5 show up at the top consistently:

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